Haengelik Svart

Young, ecleptic digital artist based in Milan.

Artistic photographer, web designer and musician, grand daughter of the film maker Luchino Visconti.

Starts her artistic formation at the Enfap Multimedial School, where she graduates with full marks, she will then work for few years with her uncle Giovanni Gastel, acclaimed fashion photographer.

During these years she will familiarize herself and experimentate with various digital photo retouching techniques.

Her works are now exposed in multiple online art galleries or portals dedicate to digital art.

She draws inspiration for her works from nature, its beauty and its mistery, landscapes and dark visions.

Chiara Lea Alice Benvenuti

Creative mind and beauty writer, from 2015 owner of the blog www.mybarr.com where she talks about products to improve wellness and skincare.

In a little while, her blog receives thousand of visits from every part of the world.

After living in Tuscany where she teaches creative kitchen, of which she is fond of, she returns in Milan.

Here she begins to study web writing, SEO and inboung marketing.

She is invited as influencer in exclusive parties from the most important beauty companies like Lush.

Thanks to her long and strong friendship with the artist Haengelik Svart, and loving art and everything that is ispired with nature and feelings, she decides to become her press agent.

So she starts writing reviews of the beautiful digital paints, making a dream come true.

Actually she is a certified yoga teacher and help people to get well in their body and mind.


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